Tools, tactics, and techniques to add power and impact to your sustainability efforts.

The LCA Institute is a comprehensive training opportunity for anyone interested in building the skills needed to incorporate life cycle thinking into their sustainability efforts.


➤ Skills needed to incorporate life cycle thinking into sustainability efforts

➤ Critical tools, information, and resources to understand what LCA is and how it works

➤ How to use LCA to boost your competitive position

➤ Best practices to improve your company’s sustainability

Explore The Sessions


➤ Highly interactive 3-day comprehensive training opportunity

➤ Discussions and Q/A sessions with LCA Leaders

➤Fireside chat with LCA Experts discussing current topics in sustainability

➤ Happy Hour Reception to connect and grow your network

➤ On-demand access to all the recordings from the 3-day event

Check Out The Speakers

The LCA Institute is a program of the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA), a non-profit organization that brings together diverse organizations with a stake in the implementation and application of LCA. This event would not be possible without the support and organization of the LCA Institute Chairman, Tom Etheridge.

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